Nature is not a place to visit, it is Home

Relax and meditation in the heart of the Treviso pre-Alps


Our facility is located in the heart of the Treviso Prealps, in a suggestive natural oasis; an ideal place for moments of relaxation and meditation.

Gai de Sora is the name we gave to our structure, to remember the name with which the road that leads to our village was recognized in the past. Here, in fact, each cortivo (courtyard) housed a chicken coop: you can therefore imagine the choir of roosters upon waking up in the morning.

Our alarm clock is Poldo, the rooster of our home farm.

This small but charming ancient village, well preserved and today partially renovated, was the birthplace of the illustrious sculptor Marco Casagrande, whose house is located right next to our structure.

Directly from our facility it is possible to make beautiful excursions to discover the surrounding area.

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Much more than a B&B

Elegance and simplicity


In the simplicity and essentiality of our B&B you will find everything that is indispensable for a refined holiday or stay of true relaxation and detachment from the frenzy of everyday life.

The decision to omit the television in the rooms is intended to be a distinctive feature to allow you to better appreciate what you will find in our B&B: from the spectacle of Nature that surrounds us, to the refinement of the finishes, the quality of the furnishings and the materials on which you will sleep.

We want to offer you a place to dream, to release your dreams and aspirations; alone, as a couple or as a family, everyone will find their own personal space.

All your senses will be able to express themselves without obstacles, making you rediscover the pleasure of natural beauty, without sophistication and excess.

Through our B&B we wanted to restore value to the richness that nature offers us and that we would like to share with our guests, through a natural approach and the search for high quality, which can only enhance the beauty of simplicity, making our emotions.

The energy, the desire and the certainty of being able to act concretely on our daily choices, to restore essentiality to what really makes the difference in life, were the driving force that set in motion the realization of this little big dream, a project of genuine hospitality, out of the ordinary.

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